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Finalist 2023 Image

Today, Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Group (AHT) is extremely proud to announce that it is a finalist in the inaugural H2 Awards (

The Hydrogen Awards are an annual measure of enterprise, innovation, and excellence in standards, implementation, and thinking about the future, with an emphasis on advancing the use of hydrogen across all industries, sectors, and the public. The Awards are based in the UK, but are global.

AHT Group’s nominations and finalist achievements were in the following categories:

  • Domestic
  • Automotive
  • Road haulage
  • Utility

Judges are appointed from the international hydrogen community, whilst the selected active participants will have current and future experience in the development and use of hydrogen. On the evening of February 23, 2023, the Finalists and Winners will be applauded at a dinner and ceremony at the purpose-built, Lakeside Events Centre, The Slate, Warwick University Campus.

The H2 awards provide an industry benchmark for AHT in terms of the Hydrogen Ecosystem and its position against some multi-national peers.
The Media Partner is H2-View ( which will publicise AHT.

Ben Kattenhorn, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

“The Company has made great strides in the last two years, whilst purposely staying out of the limelight in order to develop its hydrogen-based technology to a near commercial standard.

The awards are being partnered by Energy Research Accelerator and HyDex, both of whom are hugely important to the growth of the hydrogen industry in the UK. This opportunity to discuss our business activities using hydrogen is a major coup for AHT in promoting who we are and what we do.

We look forward to providing all stakeholders with an update, and hopefully, images of the team with at least one winning trophy.

For a company at the start of its journey, we are ecstatic to be nominated.”