Engine carbon cleaning is a process in which the internal combustion engines (petrol or diesel) are cleansed of carbon build-up that restricts the airways. This restores the engine back to its original optimum operating parameters, whilst simultaneously lowering its emissions.

When an operator of a vehicle demands power, the engine revs up to produce power, but if the engine is starved of air the Engine Control Unit will respond by adding more fuel to compensate for the lack of proper airflow. This has the unwanted effect of emitting more toxins into the atmosphere, as well as increasing the fuel costs for the vehicle operator.

The engine carbon cleaner was borne out of a need to increase the efficacy of engines in endurance racing, such as Le Mans. However, proving its versatility in multiple industries, AHT was commissioned to conduct a pilot scheme on locomotives. The trial is due to end in Q3 2023 and is already showing promising results. Once all data is collected and verified, the conclusion will be published in due course.

The AHT Carbon Catcher is designed to collect and process all heavy matter materials produced from burning fossil fuels in an internal combustion engine. This revolutionary device can work within small, enclosed spaces or where there is limited ventilation, capturing environmentally particles which can then be cleaned and used in other industries such as water filters or pencils.


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